Whether as orchestrators or unwilling subjects, we have all been involved in mind games one way or another. And chances are, no matter our role, they have impacted us. Either at a conscious or subconscious level. These are the kind of mind games we hope not to have to be dragged into very often in our lives. But there are other kinds too. And they are going on all the time.

These are the games playing out in our own minds all the time; these are the games in which the mind sits in judgement, offering uninvited no-holds-barred opinions on everything we do, say, wear, eat, drink and even think. Yes, they give us thoughts to think and then judge us for them. In short, our minds are often brutal and on the whole, we allow ourselves to be bullied by them. Because we don’t know it’s happening. It reads like a catch-22. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be another kind of catch altogether.

In tuning into the subconscious mind and learning to understand the stories it’s telling us, we have a chance to catch our own minds in the act. We have the chance to expose the limited parameters in which they would have us think and live, and we therefore have a chance to create lasting change.

It is an opportunity to start confronting to the tales we’ve been telling ourselves about ourselves for so long that we’ve stopped questioning the narrative. It’s an opportunity to exchange fiction for fact and retell our own stories.

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